Jay's Custom Drums LLC  - Complete Custom Drum & Percussion Specialist
Stands and Hardware
Get your stands and other drum hardware.
I Offer Cymbal Stands and other drum related hardware.
Boom Stands                                   Standard Straight Stands
Snare Drum Stands

Auxilary Percussion Stand -
Holds SIX different items such as:
Cowbells, Clave's, Blocks, ETC..

Make everyone who see's your drums say "Hey, Nice Rack!"
Custom Racks for Single and Double bass.  Holds Toms, Cymbal Arm's and other mountable drum equipment.
Double bass and multi tom kits are our Specialty.


New design's always changing as new products are offered.
Call or Email us for current prices for any products shown.
More pictures will be added as custom kits are completed.
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