Jay's Custom Drums LLC  - Complete Custom Drum & Percussion Specialist
I carry NEW, USED, and REPAIRED Cymbals
I carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. My most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

I have over 30 cymbals in stock, and can order anything you may desire.  
I order direct from manufacturer's and their contracted distributors.     NO RETAIL.
I offer Crashes, Rides, Hi-Hats, China's, Splashes, Effects cymbals, Custom Cymbal Stacks, Bells, and chimes.
I carry the following brands -  
Zildjian, Sabian, TRX, Saluda, Menil, Paiste, Krest, Wuhan, 
and other Elite brands.
Currently on discount:    
Sabian B8 18" Crash
Sabian B8 Pro 16" Crash
Sabian AA Metal 20" Crash
Sabian AA 18" Crash
Sabian HHX Evolution 18" Crash
Sabian AAX 19" Dark China
Sabian AAX 21" Stage Ride
Sabian  XS20 18" China
Sabian  XS20 18" Crash
Zildjian ZHT  14" Hi-Hats
Zildjian ZHT  16" Crash
Zildjian ZBT  18" Rock Crash
Zildjian A Series 20" Med Ride
Zildjian A Series 17" Thin Crash
Zildjian A Custom 15" Master Sound Hats
Zildjian A Custom 16" Crash
Zildjian A Custom Rezo  17" Crash
Zildjian Z Custom 17" China

Special Order:
TRX MDM Series 18" Crash
TRX BRT  Series  16" Crash
TRX BRT  Series  10" Splash
TRX BRT  Series  16" Crash
TRX BRT  Series  22" Ping Ride

Saluda  Decadence 10" Splash
Saluda  Decadence 12" Blast Splash
Saluda  Decadence 18" Vented Crash
Saluda  Nemesis 14" Dark HiHats
Saluda  Earth Works 14" Hihats

New items arrive monthly, so check back often.
I BUY, SELL, and TRADE CYMBALS.   See something you want??  Want to sell a cymbal?
GIVE US A CALL, OR SEND US AN EMAIL at JaysCustomDrums@aol.com
Cymbal Prices varry on Brand, Size, Condition, and Weight.
Contact us on what cymbal you are interested and we will let you know the price.
Cymbal Repairs and Custom Services
We offer an extensive program offering various cymbal services.
I perform professional Cymbal Repairs, Cymbal Cleaning,
Crack and Dent Repairs, and custom cymbalsmithing.
Click the links below and watch our cymbal repair demo's..
A Sabian 16" Crash with two cracks Cut down to a 15"
A Badly damaged Zildjian Z Custom 18" Crash repaired.
Contact us for details and questions regarding having your cymbals repaired.
Shown below are picture samples of our repaired cymbals.  
Crack Repair & Cleaning                             Crack Repair & Cleaning

 Repaired and Cleaned 12" Splash Cymbal
Sabian Repaired & Cleaned Cymbal

On Left: Dirty Cymbal with lots of rust/patina.     On Right: cymbal cleaned by us.         
Clean Cymbals LOOK better and SOUND better too.   Dust, Rust, and Patina changes the sound of your cymbals making them dull and unresponsive.   Get your cymbals cleaned by a PRO and have beautiful looking and great sounding cymbals.
Prices for Cymbal Services.
Cleaning/Polishing Only:  1-3 cymbals @ 20.00 each, or
4 + cymbals for 15.00 each. No max limit
Crack/Warp/Damage Repair:  40.00 Each Cymbal 
Cleaning included free with repairs.
Drop your cymbals off, and pick them up next day,
Ship them to us, I repair, clean, and ship back to you,
Get them cleaned while you wait and take them home same day.

Call with any questions 1732-406-3534.

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